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Students are encouraged to engaged in a wide range of activities important in their overall development. Inter house competitions are regularly held in various co-curricular and extra curricular activities. These competitons give the students an abundant chance to display their skills. The competitions are conducted in debates, declamation, poetry recitation, singing, dancing, quiz, etc.

In order to enjoy the vast outdoors, students are taken on frequent trips and picnics.Occasionally, a group trip is arranged, streching over a period of several days, in which places of historical or other interesetsre visited. Foreign trips to counteries like USA, France, Germany etc are also arranged.

Sports are an integral part of our education system. Various games are played within the school to give maximum number of students the opportunity to participate in competitive games. These games develop in the students the essential qualities of sportsmanship, esprit de corps, friendship and comradeship- all vital for the holistic personality development of the child.